Betty Jarvi
I am a licensed massage therapist and owner of Chapel Hill Bodyworks in Johnsburg, IL. My passion along with bodywork is also educating our clients about self-care and repetitive overuse issues. Our goal is to help people now and in the long term for creating that place for self-awareness and potentially overall better health! Massage can offer immediate results with many injuries or restrictions in the body. One of the things that we can’t do with bodywork is to firm and tone or add nutrition. I am so excited to add “It Works” products to our facility! They are whole food based products that create yet another aspect of self-care! I love the detox wraps and greens as well as the profit protein drink! Since I have been using these products, I have more energy, better digestive health and a few inches smaller around the middle! I am extremely grateful to the creator! I love using and sharing about the products. Feel free to call me with any questions about the products or if you’d like to be a part of the “it works” business!
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Betty Jarvi 

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